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XAML Design


Zachary Bauer has created UI designs for Silverlight, WPF and Mobile Windows Phone applications using Microsoft Blend and Visual Studio. He has the knowledge to work with back end developers to create UI designs that help sell the product to both end users and investors among various industries including medical and entertainment.

The designs are fluid with clean XAML code that allow easy communication with backend development. The functionality of any application is only as good as the UI that is presented toward the user and their perceived ease of use.


With animation being the core background of Zachary’s client base and education, he is very competent in creating animated interactive designs using Blend’s animation timeline and key stroke system. Subtle animations within your project will provide a unique look and feel for your end user and audience. The use of animation is of course relying on the abilities of the developed backend. There are projects Zac has worked on the past that do not have the power to utilize this ability in Blend but its good to know your designer has the knowledge and experience to do so if needed.

Below is an example of animated navigation created in Blend 4.

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